Simon Silva
Let’s just simplify it all!

In this day and age we are inundated with so much information and the idea of mass consumption. I think it’s time to press ‘Pause’ and get rid of the garbage that’s distracting us from being our real selves.

In the last few days I’ve started a bit of a spring clean, from donating old clothes and possessions to the little things like getting rid of all the time-wasting apps on my smart phone.

Also compiling a list of all the things I’ve started but haven’t finished and working through them. All of this little changes has made my thinking clearer and has allowed me to be a bit more productive.

90 day challenge round up

It was fun and difficult. I’ve developed some great habits, such as daily meditation and eating healthy. I am more active and a better outlook on things.

I had a great time doing it and it has given me a firm foundation to build on.

Watch this space…

Day 23

It’s been a while since I last blogged so that I had more to reflect on.
The first two weeks were great, I was filled with motivation and intensely focused on achieving my set goals, but as I came to the end of week 2, I felt exhausted. I forgot to allow myself time to refuel properly, I did my meditation but it wasn’t enough. I missed a couple of exercises and the standards I had set each day began to drop. Luckily I have a very supportive fiancée and she gave me some great advice. I looked at the areas I was struggling to perform at my best and tweaked them so they became manageable.

The things that I have tweaked, starting from today is to give myself a rest day on a Sunday. Here I can have a lie in and use this day to relax and recharge my batteries. Also I’ve decided to give my self more time to unwind in the evening.

I felt gutted when I missed the two days of exercise but I’ve learnt from it and I can build on it. These ‘tweaks’ have given me more to look forward to and refilled my depleted barrels of focus and motivation. We all have our little moments of failure but the important thing is to dust yourself off, learn from it and carry on. I am pleased with the results of my new disciplines so far and I am looking for way to improve them.

5am wake up have been difficult and I have overslept on a couple of occasions, but I honestly feel the benefit of getting up early and it is one of the habits I feel surprisingly most passionate about.

Day 4

Today has been a great day, I’m still settling into the programme and enjoying the process. 5am wake ups are a tad difficult but doable.

I’m growing with more determination each day to see this 90 day challenge through. In my morning ritual I write 5 things that I am grateful for, it a wonderful way to start the day because it helps you appreciate all the things that put a smile on your face.

Bring on the next 86 days!

1st day reflection

To day was the first step toward the ‘me’ I was born to be. When my alarm went off, excitement got me out of bed, I was ready to put all that I have learnt so far to practise.

I felt more focused and savoured the quiet moments in the morning. It feels like I’ve packed so much into one day, which is awesome but also tiring. I enjoyed my P90X workout and I’m looking forward to the upcoming days. I’m looking forward to the moment when all the new things I’m trying become habit. I am grateful for taking this first step, here’s to another 89!

Day one has begun! Kicked off the day getting ready, journalling, a meditation and scrambled eggs on toast.

Day one has begun! Kicked off the day getting ready, journalling, a meditation and scrambled eggs on toast.

This the 90 day table, every day I’ll cross one off!

This the 90 day table, every day I’ll cross one off!

The 90 day challenge!

Ok, this may sound crazy but I’m about to put my mind, body and soul into boot camp. I’ve been inspired by many people these past few months and they have really helped me grow and take positive action.

Robin Sharma, with his Lead Without a Title message and Derek Mills with his setting outstanding standards message have sparked the idea in my mind to play at my best and take massive action! (Tony Robbins).

This means for the next 90 days I will be getting up a 5am, daily meditation, daily journalling, the P90X workout programme, healthy eating, reading, acts of kindness and taking steps each day to reach my goals.

I’ve identified my purpose thanks to the wise words of Jacob Sokol and I will be making sure I live my purpose each day. I’ve started writing up a decent food plan and put visual cues around to keep me in a peak state of mind.

I’m not going through this cold turkey, I’ve trialled the exercise programme and experimented with meditation and recipes, I’ve read some inspiring books, talked it through with loved ones and I think that I am ready for the challenge.

I want to move myself up another level and live a fuller life. I hope that this challenge inspires me to continue growing and achieve greater things. I hope that this might inspire others to take action and make the change they want. If I can do it, you can do it too!

The start date of the challenge is the 27th August 2012.

I am the Master of my Fate, the Captain of my Soul.
William Ernest Henley
Fear is fuel for freedom.